Sunday, May 06, 2007

Poor thieves, if only they had read the book...

Evidently, a couple of kids tried the old saltwater in coin slot trick, you know the one that makes a soda can dispenser give out a free soda. You know, the trick that hasn't worked in a decade. I'm feeling lazy,

Here's the entry from the book:

Make a Soda Machine Shoot Cans of Soda
As Seen in Episode: 103 - Rush to Judgment. As a juror in a racially charged murder trial, MacGyver can’t resist digging up more facts on his own, thereby courting the wrath of the judge.

What You Need

Half a cup of salt
Two-liter bottle of lukewarm water
A newspaper
An evil soda machine

What You Do

1. Pour salt into water bottle.

2. Shake bottle, mixing the salt and water thoroughly.

3. Roll up the newspaper into a funnel.

4. Use the newspaper funnel to pour the salt-water solution into the coin slot of the evil soda machine.

5. Stand back as the soda cans come rolling out.

6. Enjoy your free, if slightly shaken, sodas.

Why It Works

Inside the soda machine is an electric switch that
controls the release of soda cans. The combination of
salt and water create a mild electric charge. When the
salt and water is poured through the coin slot it washes
over the electric switch controlling the release of the
cans. The salt-water solution creates what chemists
call a salt-bridge of which an electric current passes
readily through, causing the machine to short-circuit
itself. This in effect, trips the electric switch, and as a
result the machine spits out soda cans.
Before getting too excited about a free sugar high,
keep in mind that this trick only works on older soda
machines. Nearly every soda machine in the United
States has been replaced with newer models on which
this trick will not work. But, oh, those Guatemalan
soda machines are just waiting for your electrochemical


Anonymous Ellen said...

That's not how Mac got the soda out of the machine, is it? I thought it was something with the SAK.

4:05 AM  
Blogger Bret said...

Hee hee! You are absolutely correct, Ellen. And you're the first person to call us out on this one. The correct, but very boring trick that MacGyver pulled was picking the soda machine lock with his SAK, and then messing with the levers inside. Not much science, there. We liked being able to throw around the term electric-chemical bridge and sound smart. But no one believes we're smart, so I think we'll go ahead and amend the book for the next edition.

1:33 PM  
Blogger Trisha said...

oh my goodness. i can not believe someone actually wrote a book on macgyvers tricks. that makes me so excited to read it. i didn't become a macgyver fan until about 2 years ago and then i just couldn't resist any longer..... i bought the 5 and 6 season on dvd well my parents did for me. but then me and my friend got to thinking recently and we want to by your book to try out the way cool tricks that he preformed. we haven't gotten around to it yet and i would absoloutely love it if you could make some new posts thanks!

2:11 PM  

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