Thursday, February 15, 2007

Problems with Paypal Link

I got a few messages about the Paypal link being down a couple of days ago. It should be fine, now. So, if you're trying to buy go ahead.

I've been pretty negligent with posting on this blog. I started a new company in December and it's eating all my time. If you're curious about the ins and out of doing a startup in Silicon Valley, check out Meanwhile, expect much neglect over here. Sorry kids.




Blogger jlk said...

Hello! I would email you directly with this, but nowhere can I find your email address. I was reading your book, which is excellent by the way and a must read for the MacGyver enthusiast, and did not something that I think was missed.

In the appendix, under the title of "Thief Of Budapest", the second item reads, "Made an explosive from salt, sugar, and weed killer". I remember this one because I actually played around with this as a teenager(years ago). I distinctly remember that not only was salt, sugar and week killer in the recipe, but you would need a metal bucket to put the mixture of the above in, a handkerchief to put over the bucket, a rubber band to hold the handkercheif on, and then the key ingredient which makes it explode: Battery Acid. Granted, I believe that the weed killer did have to have a specific ingredient and I do not remember what it is, but I do remember getting the recipe to work, albeit from a distance since the battery acid is poured onto the handerchief to act as a fuse.

Thanks for the great book!!!

7:16 AM  
Blogger jlk said...

Hello! I couldn't find any email address to email you at so I figured I would write a comment to your blog.

I recently bought your MacGyver handbook and find it to be a spectacular read, especially for any MacGyver enthusiast. Unfortunately, I discovered a missing key piece to one of the appendix items.

Under the title "The Thief Of Bagdad", there is the second item that reads, "Made an explosive from salt, sugar, and weed killer".

That recipe is actually incomplete as my memory recalls. I actually played around with this during my teenage years and did get it to work, albeit from a distance.

First, you would need a metal bucket for the combination of the ingredients you listed above. The weed killer does have to contain a specific chemical which escapes me at this point. You will also need a fuse. That is where a handkerchief and a rubber band (to hold the handkerchief on) comes in.

You would place the handkerchief in place and then pour battery acid onto it. Then RUN!

The battery acid is the key ingredient to the explosion, but also plays as the fuse, having to eat through the handkerchief, which doesn't take that long at all.

Maybe, if you publish another volume, this addition could make it in there.

Best regards,


7:23 AM  
Blogger Bret said...

I'm sure JLK is right about this. In the appendix, we attempted to collect all the tricks and tried to correct things that were obviously deficient. I'm sure they're a couple of other tricks that could use further clarification, if anyone discovers them, please let us know via this blog.

6:44 PM  

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