Thursday, November 23, 2006

MacGyver Flash game

Yep, some enterprising Flash guru made a mini-game that puts you in the role of MacGyver. I'm kinda jealous because I've been working on a MacGyver text adventure (you know, like Zork) but haven't touched it since last November.

Now I fancy myself quite the puzzle-solver but I did not get too far in this game. So if someone figures it out, tell me what the f**K to do to the box.

Play the game.

Note: I just beat the game. Took about five minutes once I realized there is a stick under one of the boards on the doors. Believe me, that knowledge will save you a lot of annoying clicking around.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wahoo, I did it. Though it took a fair bit longer than 5 mins :) Scar

8:24 PM  

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