Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Breaking News: A New MacGyver TV show?!

Training MacGyver. That's the name. It's evidently a TV pilot in development. I have no other details. It was an off-hand reference in an interview with an actor/actress from Nip/Tuck.

Here's the quote:
Right now, I am headed to the studio to record some ADR for a pilot called Training MacGyver. It’s my first series that I’m a big lead in.
If anyone has info, send it my way.

BTW, if anyone isn't familiar with the process of TV pilots, here's the deal. In January, basically studios fund the production of bunch of test shows (pilots) to see if any of them have merit. Most don't. This one will probably not either.

But, I suddenly have a good idea: wouldn't it be cool to see a reality show where contestants had to escape different situations using their wits and everyday items?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, the reality show is a good idea!


1:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey the reality show is a neat idea!


1:08 PM  

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