Tuesday, October 24, 2006

MacGyver and Pig Castration

Unlike the usual newspaper reference to bombmaking or middle-age mechanics, this Macgyver reference is truly admirable. Evidently there's a professor at the University of New Hampshire who teaches a class on how to Macgyverize items to help disabled people. Including disabled farmers, which is probably a large group with all those tractor accidents.

From the article:
"Willkomm's most interesting invention is easily the "pig jig," a contraption that allows someone to castrate a pig using just one hand, made for farmers who lost a limb. The pig is placed into it and a person pushes down on a crank with their foot that secures the pig in place and holds its legs back."
I bet poor Wilbur was hoping for a web saying "Impotent Pig". Because unfortunately Charlotte's dead.

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