Friday, October 20, 2006

MacGyver and "Lost"

So some wag over at AOL, speculated that MacGyver and John Locke would be good pals. While I doubt that, it does raise the mildly interesting idea of a MacGyver guest appearance on Lost. I'm kidding, MacGyver on the Simpsons, yay! MacGyver on "Lost". Cough. Cough. Lame.

A adjective which could be applied to "Lost" nowadays. It moves way to slow. Can we cover more than a day a season, J.J.? MacGyver managed to get out of any situation in less than an hour. You put him on an island with airplane fuselage and an electromagnetic super generator and he'd make a goddamn teleporter. Or at least a hovercraft.

*sigh* When is ingenuity going to return to television.


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