Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Season 2 released! (Yeah, we all know)

I almost let it pass with out comment. Honestly, I've been busy trying to beat Zork 2 (Infocom's brilliant text adventure game from 1982). Which makes me think I'm stuck in the Me decade, and should avoid things such things as DVD sets of MacGyver and Miami Vice, until i regain my sanity. Anyway, Mac season 2. Finally, we get introduced to the Phoenix Foundation (joy) and Murdoc (hiss). Of course, no extras on the DVDs, like I keep saying, wait for the full set in 2008. then they'll tack on soem crappy cast interviews so we'll pay 150 bucks for something we already own. See the release strategy of Star Wars for more info.

By the way, I was kid in '82, so maybe I'm just trying to recapture my childhood, or maybe because I'm really bored at work and text adventures and blogs don't attract as much attention as porn and Half-life. It's truly a mystery.


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