Thursday, June 02, 2005

Every episode of MacGyver ever available on DVD

Okay, so I'm bored. I've been waiting around for Season 2 to come out, June 7 as I'm sure you already know, and now that the TV season ended (no more Alias or Lost, alas), I'm pretty much chewing on my toenails for entertainment.

Naturally, I check in at the forums of Pretty much the premier group devoted to all things MacGyver and discover a roiling discussion over whether or not the sites selling all the seasons of MacGyver on DVD are legit. Of course, they're not. But who cares. If you want every episode of MacGyver on DVD and are aren't willing to wait until 2007 (when Paramount will finally roll out Season 7) to get them, then go ahead and buy them. Believe me, the Chinese Mafia needs your money, white slavery doesn't pay like it used to, since the Russians got involved.

I bought 3 seasons of "24" in Vietnam for 30 bucks. Quality: It was just like watching it on Tivo, which is pretty much how they recorded it in the first place.

So the question: Am I waiting for the official DVDs? Yeah, because I already collected all the episodes off Bittorrent, so I can afford to wait.


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