Thursday, May 05, 2005

Penny Parker/ Desperate Housewife

Okay, so normally I try and start posting on Monday and then as no new MacGyver news comes in I benignly neglect the blog until the next week starts. This week, however, I 've been recovering from a weekend without sleep courtesy of the 48 hour film fest. It's this contest where basically you compete against other teams of filmmakers to make the best film in 48 hours or less. A random genre is given and then you go and make the film. Believe me, my fingers were crossed for spy movie. Instead, we got romance, so my spy trapped in a bathroom with a dead body and has to escape using his wits a la MacGyver will never see the light of day. Weep.

Anyway, I just wanted to point out that before Terri Hatcher became a star via Desperate Housewives, well actually she first became a star in Lois and Clark (the first season was great), that she was Penny Parker in that show of shows, MacGyver. But I'm sure you all knew that.


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