Friday, February 18, 2005

Young MacGyver

In case any of you missed it, there was supposed to be a show on the WB called Young MacGyver following the adventures of Angus MacGyver's nephew. A pilot was shot with Jared Padelecki, Rory's badboy boyfriend on Gilmore Girls (I love that show). Evidently, it sucked so the WB decided not to air it. Check out the details at IMDB:

The guy who directed the pilot episode, Stephen Herek, also directed the Mighty Ducks, and well...Mr. Holland's Opus, so clearly he's inconsistent.

The original producers were on board, Fonzie included, so it could have been good. We'll never know.


Anonymous Kieran D. O'Neill said...

*Sigh* And now RDA decides to retire. This is breaking my heart. I love MacGyver.

7:34 PM  

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