Thursday, February 03, 2005

One of the hazards of writing a blog is that you get email from freaks. Here's an email sent to me by a guy who calls himself Murdoc Rules! I'm shocked he didn't spell it with a z.

I'm going to call him the MacGyver Stalker, or nutball, whatever is easier to type.

Nutball's email:

Hey Mac Guy, you suck. Murdoc rules.

You never give any info about the whereabouts of MacGyver which is fine because I know exactly where he is. The Tim Horton's in Squamish, British Columbia. He's eating a 20 pack of Timbits. They're like Munchins except Canadian.


Murdoc Rules!

Hmm, British Columbia, I guess Mac wanted to go somewhere where his hairstyle would always stay current.


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