Tuesday, January 25, 2005

My MacGyver Book, Pt. II

Needing illustrations, I crashed the wedding of an old friend and demanded that she illustrate the book, something she had never done before. So slowly but surely, she'd send me graphics and I'd complain and she'd send me more until finally, the book was illustrated. And I was like, I better actually finish writing it, or else these graphics are going to be useless. So I did.

Tired of the agent route, I decided to get a publisher myself. Agents, by the way, and I've had very good ones, pretty much just mail out a copy of your proposal to editors that they know at the big publishing houses(all five of them). That's where the money is. Agents don't bother with the small presses. I managed to get a small publisher, Argonne Hotel Press, to take the book on. Now I am just waiting for the book to get published...


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