Friday, April 15, 2005

MacGyver Spotted Again!

Yep, got another email from that nutball, Murdoc Rules!. It's edited for family viewing.

Dear Mac Guy.

It's so f**king awesome that you posted my s**t. If Murdoc didn't rule so much than I'd say you rule. But you suck. Cuz you like talk about MacGyver who isn't even cool enough to be cool as Murdoc. Murdoc Rules!

Anyway, I saw MacGyver again. In B.C. OH yeah. This time, he was like walking 8 dogs on one leash. Ha! From the Phoenix foundation to professional dog-walker! Bet he has to scoop up--
(that's when I had enough. It goes on and on about the poop for another page -- Mac Guy).

Until next time loser,

Murdoc Rules!


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