Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The MacGyver Book Chapter List

Chapter I: Great Escapes

The Amazing MacGyver: How to Escape from a Straitjacket while Trapped Underwater

Keep Your Cool: How to Escape from a Meat Locker

Escape from an Incinerator

Escape a Pack of Hunting Dogs

Take That, Indy: How to Escape from a Pit of Snakes

Escape from the Basement of a Collapsed Building

Chapter II: Car Troubles

Recharge a Car Battery with a Bottle of Wine

Repair a Broken Fuel Line with a Ballpoint Pen

Make a Stick-Shift Car Drive Itself

Repair a Busted Brake Line While in a Moving Car

Fake a Flat Tire

Lift Your Car with a Innertube

A MacGyver Classic: Make an Arcwelder from a Car Battery and Pocket Change

Chapter III: Angus Macgyver: Superspy/Chemistry Teacher

Make a Fire Extinguisher with the Contents of Your Kitchen Cabinet

Stop an Acid Leak with a Chocolate Bar

Read the Contents of a Burned Sheet of Paper

Make a Homemade Spectroscope

Develop Film with Battery Acid, Ammonia, and Orange Juice

Make Your Own Homemade Tear Gas

Power a Radio with a Cactus

Create Your Own Homemade Fog

Chapter IV: Breaking and Entering (use only for good, not for evil)

Pick a Lock with a Swiss Army Knife

Crack a Safe with a Telephone Handset

Fool a Thumbprint Reader with Candle Wax and Pool Chalk

Hotwire a Phone to Listen to a Call in another Room

Fool a Motion Detector with Only a Light Bulb

Bypass a Keypad Security Lock with a Pencil

Disarm a Laser Beam Alarm System

Fool a Motion Detector with Chemistry

Chapter V: Party Tricks and Diversions

Undress a Woman with a Paper Clip and a Piece of Thread

Make a Lie Detector with a Blood Pressure Cuff and an Alarm Clock

Make Fake Blood with Drain Cleaner

Make a Soda Machine Shoot Soda Cans

Knock Out the Lights with Window Cleaner

Win Yahtzee Every Time: Make Buffed Dice

Chapter VI: Bombs and Booby-traps

Make a Timebomb with a Glass of Water, a Cold Capsule, and Sodium Metal

Watch out Yogi Bear: Build Pinecone Landmines

Make your Kitchen into a Death Trap!

Fend off Thugs with a Fire Hose: A Humorous MacGyver Classic

Disarm a Missile with a Paperclip


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